(((isthmus nekoi))) (isthmus_nekoi) wrote in odivinorum,
(((isthmus nekoi)))

what has become of the O.div

This seems to be a regular theme with the Odiv blog. Moving homes, disappearing, reappearing. I guess my newb electional astro skills are biting me in the ass.

Well, I've wrangled the domain odivinorum.com back, but haven't had time to find another place to house the blog. I am strongly considering a url redirect to a wordpress blog where I won't have to worry about security and payment and whatnot. But that would mean all the archives would be lost. I'm okay with that. I could repost some reader faves, perhaps. I would like to have the Feral Tarot hosted somewhere again at the least. But I suspect that the site has lapsed for so long that it is effectively dead to all.

I'm also considering buying another domain, starting from scratch. The O.div was a project that was supposed to honour the Greek god, Dionysos. Over the years, that purpose has become more contrived, performative. The ideals that seemed so within reach began to slip away from me until now, I don't know if I'd even recognize that which was once the lifeblood of my psyche. I have come to see that everything I did for god in the past was very childish and in a way, rather perverse, although it was undeniably real. The question is figuring out what to do now.

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