(((isthmus nekoi))) (isthmus_nekoi) wrote in odivinorum,
(((isthmus nekoi)))

site back up!

Have been holding onto this domain for awhile now without pointing it anywhere. Finally, I have put the site back up on the free host/site cms Weebly. They have very responsive customer service so I'm happy to plug them here.

  • url redirect

    My hosting service now makes url redirects free so now when you type www.odivinorum.com that will bring you directly to the current wordpress blog.

  • archived posts

    I've decided not to continue the O.div blog, but I created archives for it on wordpress. It will only include my fave posts and articles from the…

  • what has become of the O.div

    This seems to be a regular theme with the Odiv blog. Moving homes, disappearing, reappearing. I guess my newb electional astro skills are biting me…

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